Fishing Reports

Cold, cold and cold

Spin Fishing:

Egg patterns, not Power Bait. Hand tied eggs patterns tied by you or your local fly shop. Orange to red about the size of a pea. River minnows on the bottom will produce Browns and large Rainbows.

We have new rules on the river. Check them out online. No more than one fish over 14 inches, no matter what. Once the fish hits the live well, it’s yours. No culling.

Other than that: spinners, spoons and jigs. Have not seen shad, yet.

Fly Fishing:

Streamers- Big and nasty when water level permits. Olive and yellow sculpin patterns. Hit the banks. Short casts, strip, strip, strip and strip cast again with 350 grain to 400 sink line. Indicators- egg patterns with pheasant tails followed, flesh flys and mega worms are good, too. 

Good luck fishin'! Ryan