Cooking Recipes

Jalepeno Beer Bread
Click the Water Levels link above to see the current dam generation waterflow reports for Bull Shoals and Norfork Lake tailwaters.   Remember our water levels change daily and any fluctuations are always first initiated by a loud siren that can sometimes be heard from our Resort river frontage, but down river its tougher to hear.   Please be careful and constantly check for rising water levels when your fishing down river of our resort. If you want a hard crust pour butter on top, then cook.  Good with all kinds of meals.  Guide and owner Ryan McDonald gives this 5 stars!

8 inch by 8 inch bread pan
2 (bud light beer)
3 cups of sifted, self rising flour. Sift your flour or it will be like a brick
Hair over ¼ cup sugar
½ cup melted real butter
½ cup jalapeno diced peppers (or more if you like  it hot)

How You Do It
Mix sifted flour and sugar dry
Pour 1st beer in with dry mix. Then open other beer and drink it.
Blend with mixer and add peppers
Melt butter, pour in and mix save a little for the pan
Preheat oven to 375
Pour mix into pan, try to get it even in pan
Cook for 1 hour, drink rest of beer

Beer Batter Fish
If you plan on cooking a bunch of fish just add to it
Open 2 bud lights. Drink 1 and pour other into big bowl.
4 large eggs into bowl , no shells
If you are cooking white bass, strippers or any other wang tasting fish mix in 1 cup mustard
Cut fish into big bite size chunks, roll in batter and then roll or shake in Zatarains cajon fish fry
Deep fry or frying pan, bout 375 degrees or really hot pan. Fry till the fish float .or golden brown.

Good Cookin, Ryan

OMG Smoked Shrimp

·       Peeled Shrimp

·       Foil pan to fit in smoker

·       1LB salted butter

·       6 cans of Bud light

·       Your favorite steak rub (I recommendBig Easy…it is spicey)

·       Big bottle of Worcestershire Sauce

·       6 buddies to peel shrimp


How To Do It

·       Drink one beer

·       Get smoker set to 275o

·       4 oz Worcestershire Sauce into foilpan

·       Add 1 can of beer…. drink anotherbeer

·       Spread out shrimp and sprinkle withsteak rub

·       Stir shrimp and sprinkle again. Yourshrimp should not be completely covered, so go easy

·       Smoke with lump charcoal for 30 minutes

·       After butter melts… drink the other 4beers

·       Smoke till shrimp turn pink….do notovercook!

·       Stir occasionally